Amateur Radio Station G1EFU

My First RAE

In May 1963 I took and passed the RAE but could not do the morse so I gave up till 1983 when I passed again and obtained a class B call sign. I now understand that I could have used the origional pass slip to obtain my Class B. but was advised to the contary and took it again, the first one at Warrington and the second one at Leigh. Here is a link to the exam paper I took in 1963

RAE Exam papers from 1946 to 1978

My Location

My address gives problems to award chasers.

My Postal address is Lowton Warrington.WA3 2EP However for the awards it is not valid for Warrington, or Cheshire. Because we are in the borough of Wigan it is good for Wigan, but not for Lancashire. It is good for the Administrative county of Greater Manchester, WA3 2EP is valid for post code awards


Our Location is in the village of Lowton which is part of the Borough of Wigan (but has a WA post code)

Locator: IO83rl








Locators and WAB squares



As you know many radio amateurs collect wab squares, and you may have been asked for your wab square, but may not have known it or how to find out how to work it out. Well here is a quick guide to help you out. Basically the wab square is the 10km os grid square, so you need the 1st and 4th number of the os grid reference and the two letter reference of the 100km square.

This is how you work it out:-

1. Go to
2. Ener your postcode
click move arrow and put it on your location and then click the link saying "click here to convert co-ordinates" which is located below the map
3. A window with various co-ordinates will appear.(This is mine)

OS X (Eastings) 361694

OS Y (Northings)    398294 
Nearest Post Code   WA3 2EP 
Lat (WGS84)         N53:28:48 (53.479965) Long (WGS84)        W2:34:43 (-2.578666) 
Lat,Long            53.479965,-2.578666 
Nat Grid            SJ616982 / SJ6169498294 
mX                  -287055 
mY                  7037913 Mapcode             
GBR BXF6.J7 what3words          

4)Look for the one named "Nat Grid"
5)In my case it says SJ616982
6)The WAB is the first two letters plus the 1st and 4th number. SJ 616 982
7)My WAB is SJ69



  1. go to

  2. make map large, put pointer on your location

  3. and your co-ordinates and locator will be displayed in the white box at the top left of the page